Equus Coaching featured in Oprah Magazine, July 2013.  

Transformation Awaits!

Equus Coaching is a unique experience with horses that offers an individual the opportunity to gain a visceral understanding of how their inner dialogue affects their relationships and everyday life. Equus Coaching is a transformational experience that enables a person to shift from internal confusion and conflict into a greater sense of creativity and genuine personal alignment.

Equus Coaches work in a dynamic partnership with horses to create a playful, open, and authentic environment where clients can experience powerful shifts in their self-awareness. Horses are keenly intuitive and attuned to people’s slightest expressions and energetic or emotional shifts, and therefore they can help people clear their internal roadblocks and move forward into a truly fulfilling life experience.

During an Equus Coaching session, clients receive clear and grounded biofeedback that connects them to their own inner peace. This environment encourages clients to synchronize with the natural rhythms and wisdom of nature while witnessing the ease of their ability to step into their essential place of true self-empowerment.

“The way we do anything is the way we tend to do everything.”