“Kit is an excellent friend to have in your corner.  She was always willing to work with me, and provided a much-needed different perspective to how I usually tackled my work.  Whether you just need help getting things onto paper or you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing at all, I would definitely recommend her expertise.”

“Kit is terrific, no condescension, understanding, funny and helpful.”

“Kit is fabulous – always “on”, supportive, etc. I feel lucky to have had her.”

“All of us have issues that get in the way of us being the person we want to, need to, or should be. Some are big and some are small, but all get in the way. They get mixed up in the “I’m fine, I’m alright.” The horses are like, “Let’s talk about that.” When you start speaking your truth, “the real you”, a crazy thing happens. The horses are right there beside you of their own will. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered. I have been around horses all my life and not known that they can do this. I have known that they are intuitive, but to utilize them in this way is nothing short of amazing. Kit is excellent. She is a trained coach, but so much more. One thing everyone who knows her would agree with is that she is a deeply perceptive individual. No matter what you are dealing with in your life, this is one of the most revealing experiences I have come across.”

“I think the greatest impact I had is something I re-learned later in agile software development, which is that the first pass at something doesn’t need to be perfect, it just has to be something deliverable.  Refinement towards perfection can follow having work that is down on the page.  This comes from when Kit managed to coax an entire essay out of me in her office; it turned out I knew quite a bit of what I wanted to say already, but starting on it was difficult, and my usual desire to want work to come out right the first time was getting in my way as well.  Another lesson from that experience is that I really did have it in me all along, I just had to commit to doing it in some way.  I don’t even remember the topic of the paper anymore, but I still remember the lessons I learned getting it done!”

“Kit’s ability to ask probing questions and allow me to work out the block on my own was great. Not only did it feel good to come up with a plan and follow through, but because Kit facilitated the self discovery, it made me feel confident that I can work through future problems.”

“Honestly the most valuable thing about this coaching was the ability to talk and vent about work and personal issues negatively affecting my personal and professional life. Kit took it all in and helped guide me toward creating potential solutions.”

“Excellent coaching and support. Made the environment fun while being professional.”

“Last December I felt like I was at the lowest of the low and now I have hope for the future. Thank you so much for caring about us and our issues. You were such an important part of our journey.  I want you to know how life changing all that was for us.  Please don’t ever underestimate your impact on people and their lives.  I don’t think we would be here if not for you.  Thank you.”

“I was thoroughly pleased with Kit’s coaching. She kept our sessions focused on the potential causes of issues we discussed, and on workable steps I could take to improve those issues. She never told me the “why” or what I should do. Instead, she asked me to dig into my own thoughts and situations and come to realizations in a personal and organic way. This is precisely what a great coach works to achieve with their clients. I really couldn’t be happier with Kit or my experience with her.”