• Kit

Finding My Voice

A wonderful friend of mine stopped by the other day. Pam Weiss is a multi-talented coach who has just embarked on her own equine coaching practice journey, and we hope to take many of our steps together. We had a fantastic discussion as always, and one of the things we talked about was a blog.

I shared that I think the time is right for starting my blog. As Pam and I talked about our blog - hers real, mine as yet imagined - we explored how much courage it takes to be authentic and vulnerable. We both agreed that that's what we really value in others' blogs. It's how we get to know them and feel whether or not that person would understand us.

We explored the fear of how our uncensored expressions might be received. What if someone was offended or what about the inevitable unkind or even mean feedback anyone who "hangs it out there" is sure to get on social media?

You know what was interesting, is even as difficult as finding the courage to share my real, authentic, messy thoughts and experiences with people may be, Pam brought forth something perhaps even more difficult -- finding my voice. What would that even sound like? Would it sounds any different if I wasn't shaping or censoring it for my audience?

Well, I'm going to give this "my voice" thing a try. I'm going to tell you about this new life I'm living, and I'm going to tell it to you as "real"-ly as I can. Here goes…