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I grew up in a rural area with my parents and my brother, Rob, riding horses and enjoying the animals on our small farm. My mother was a teacher and although her students adored her, I knew one thing for sure – I did NOT want to be a teacher – they work way too hard! (foreshadowing)   What I did know from an early age was that I was passionate about supporting others. It was what I was born to do.

In college I read a book called, A Circle of Children by Mary MacCracken, and a fire was lit. I switched my major from Journalism to Special Education and never looked back. I taught at the elementary school level for the first couple of years, but spent the majority of my 11 years at the high school level and loved it, working with students with Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders.

During this time I earned my Masters Degree in Education and was starting a family of my own.  We made the decision that I would stay home the majority of the time, so I began teaching as an adjunct professor for Webster University.   I started teaching Learning Strategies – a truly incredible course about self-discovery as well as skills to help one be successful in academics as well as in life. I have been an adjunct professor at Webster for 18 years (wow, how time flies!) and continue to teach Learning Strategies as well as graduate and undergraduate courses for the Education Department.

“About 6 years into my time at Webster, I was asked to take a full time position as the Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center.”


About 6 years into my time at Webster, I was asked to take a full time position as the Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center. My youngest was almost in kindergarten by that time, so I agreed. I helped to supervise, create, and grow some wonderful programs in the ARC and worked with some amazing people including staff, faculty and students. Two of my favorite roles were ADA Coordinator – documenting and arranging accommodations for our students with disabilities and providing academic coaching for them.

I believe I had been working in my new role about  5 minutes when the Director – a truly amazing woman – said something like, “You know, now that classes here are free for you, you really should get another degree.” I remember thinking, “Um, yeah, I have 3 young children, a husband, a full time (brand new) job… why wouldn’t I?” So of course I did it and earned a Masters in Counseling from Webster.

One of the most amazing things that came from that work was a group that I put together for parents of students with Asperger’s. I had been asked to do a practicum, and I wanted to do something that would support the students I had come to know well and truly cherish. The effect of that group was more than I could have hoped for. I still from time to time will hear from someone from that group who says their lives were forever changed by the way they all came together. I am blessed to have been a small part of it.

Unexpectedly, at that point in my career, I was pulled in a different direction. I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit into my overall life/career journey, but I felt strongly it was where I was supposed to be. I have always had a strong connection to my inner guidance system and trusted it even when it didn't always immediately "make sense".  So I followed that inner guidance system and entered the corporate world.

At Edward Jones, I worked as an Academic Training Leader, a Financial Advisor in my own branch office and as a Business Coach supporting other advisors in building their businesses and navigating personal challenges.



Looking back at the thread that ran through all of my experiences, I saw that in my heart of hearts I was a coach. I won’t bore you with the details of the epiphany, but it was a pretty great moment for me to see it all come together. So the next step was simply to pull all of my favorite things into coaching, not only for my personal joy, but also to support the people who would benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise that my experiences have brought me through the years. (remember, that is what I was made for).  Through the course of training in different modalities of professional and life coaching, I discovered Equus Coaching -- coaching as most people would understand it, but partnering with horses!  When I first came across this I thought, "What?!  That's a thing?!!"  Not only is it a thing, it's an amazing thing.  

Through Intelligence of Life Coaching, I am able to bring the aforementioned "favorite things" together to provide academic coaching for students, life coaching for families and individuals who would like to experience some healing or clarification, and Equus Coaching to those who would like to experience the wisdom and playfulness of horses.

My amazing children are now 22, 20 and 16.  Two are in college and one is in high school.  They are kind and insightful and some of the best people I know.  

I think that’s it. If you’ve continued reading this far and there is something I can support you with, please let me know. It’s what I’m here for. I’d love to talk with you.

— Kit

"Looking back at the thread that ran through all of my experiences, I saw that in my heart of hearts I was a coach."

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