Meditation Circles at The Twisted Tree Ranch

Pause for a moment and take time from your busy life to be guided through deep breaths, slowing down enough to notice the gentle rhythm of the horses' breath, and allow yourself to be infused with a powerful sense of well-being in nature.  


Join our heart-centered meditation circle and experience how spending time with horses, entering into the quiet in contemplation, is serene, peaceful and healing.  There is sacredness within meditation circles to sit in nature and reflect, to listen, to be in community, grounded, at one with all of life in the presence of a highly intuitive herd of horses. 


This experience is deeply restorative and helps us recharge our senses, wisdom and inner guidance.

No experience with horses is necessary.

"I have been around horses all my life and not known that they can do this. I have known that they are intuitive, but to utilize them in this way is nothing short of amazing."     



Upcoming Meditation Circles:​

- Sunday, June 9, 2019 (3:00pm-5:00pm)

Price: $25

Location: The Twisted Tree Ranch

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- Sunday, June 9, 2019 (3:00pm-5:00pm)

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