Q: What is Equus Coaching?
A: Equus coaching is an opportunity for someone to work (have a playful experience) with a horse (on the ground-not riding) to gain a tangible, physical understanding of their own energy and the ways their inner dialogue impacts all areas of their lives.


Q: Is it like therapy?
A: Some feel that it is similar to therapy. It is more a facet of life coaching. It is using the tools of life coaching with the wisdom of the horse. Our work focuses on looking at the relationships that people are having in how they treat themselves and the ripple effect that this relationship is having on the rest of their lives.


Q: How is Equus Coaching Different than Equine Therapy?
A: Equus coaching is designed for cognitively and physically healthy individuals who are seeking support in their own personal growth. They have a desire to better embody genuine personal leadership, improve the quality of their relationships, and explore a deeper level of trust in their own spiritual connection.
Equine therapy has a slightly different focus. Equine therapy, often conducted through organizations such as PATH Intl. or EAGALA, tend to focus their therapeutic approach toward physical and physiological rehabilitation of a challenged patient. Equine therapy will often seek to partner with a licensed family therapist or mental health practitioners to support the client’s needs.


Q: Who is the ideal client for Equus Coaching?
A: Almost anyone can be a client and benefit from this work. Clients can range from pre-teens and young adults having trouble with social transition, to corporate leaders and CEOs who want to become better leaders, to parents struggling with the pressures of parenting their children while staying genuinely connected with their spouse.
The one thing we ensure is that the client is psychologically sound and that there are no major psychological issues. If we suspect or discover a significant psychological disorder, such as bipolar or narcissistic disorder, then we will refer them to a licensed therapist.


Q: Is there a certification?
A: Yes, the program does have a certification through The Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching.  The certification process requires a year-long, extensive training course taught by a team of highly trained and certified facilitators, offering students a solid foundation in equine psychology, equine husbandry, equine reproduction, basic horsemanship skills, a broad range of life coaching tools and the theoretical and hands-on support required for effective integration of life coaching with the insights and wisdom of horses. Kit is a certified Equus Coach.