Kit Maxwell   M.Ed, MA, PLPC, ACC

Kit is a trained and credentialed therapist, educator, and equine-assisted life coach.   She creates a safe, supportive space to learn, grow and heal.  Kit is dedicated to meeting us where we are and supporting us in moving forward academically, personally or professionally.

Kit grew up with horses, but it was much later in life that she learned the deeper wisdom that horses hold and how quickly and profoundly they impact our learning.  Many clients working on personal or professional growth now choose to have an Equine-assisted Learning experience with Kit and the horses.  Partnering with horses, Kit helps us connect with our own inner wisdom leading to authentic relationships with ourselves and others.  

Kit is a licensed therapist and holds Master’s Degrees in Education and Counseling as well as an undergraduate degree in Special Education. She is a certified Equus Coach Master Facilitator, has completed Martha Beck Life Coach training and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) holding their ACC certification.  


Working under Dr. Karen Grayson, LPC

License 2009017144