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Kit Maxwell

I live in the St. Louis area with my family and my horses.  My two older children have graduated from college, and my youngest has just started college in this crazy time of the pandemic.  I have 8 horses, all of which participate in my equine-assisted therapy program.  Of these, three are wild mustangs.  As I have come to know these amazing animals and understand their plight, I have become committed to helping them.  Therefore, I currently  foster mustangs and burros who were once wild, helping them find loving permanent homes...    so you'll find a few extra mustangs and burros around as well.

Like most people, I have been through bumps, bruises and shattering losses in this life.  The three things that were game changers for me in not only surviving, but thriving are IFS therapy, life coaching and horses.  That is why you'll find all three of these available in my offer to you.  Each on their own are extremely powerful.  Together -- magic.  There is nothing I love more than sharing this magic with others.  

Credentials and Qualifications
  • BA Special Education
  • MA Education
  • MA Counseling
  • Licensed therapist, PLPC  Working under Dr. Karen Grayson, LPC License 2009017144
  • Certified Coach, ACC through International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Master Facilitator of Equus Coaching through Koelle Institute
  • Certified Equus Coach through Koelle Institute
  • Completed Martha Beck Life Coach training
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